Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pete's Cafe (Los Angeles - Downtown)


Blue Cheese Fries - this was the sole reason I started coming here and the only reason I go back.

They have cocktails here but they aren't made properly.  Case and point; Their Old Fashioned.

I usually order a pint here.

I would have preferred getting the Horny Devil but I finally got to try Angel City's West Coast IPA - The Angelino.  

Sorry Ashley, Vince, Alan...and the rest of the fine folks I've met over at the brewery.  I didn't like your Test B (Eureka) Wit and I didn't like your IPA any better.  Generally speaking, I've found both to have a lousy mouth-feel.  Test B was absolutely flat and this IPA was thin as hell.  Forgive me, but that's my honest opinion.  I had high hopes when Alchemy and Science took over the original ownership of the brewery.  But I should have known the direction and outcome once the head brew master was announced to be a former guy from Gordon Biersch.  Supposedly, they are gonna experiment with sours.  I'm in full swing as sours go right now.  I dig the stuff a lot.  I just hope, once these guys come out with their sours, that their style of beer doesn't sour on me.  But I've digressed...

This post is about Pete's!  It is safe to say that, Pete's is my Denny's or Norm's.  I never plan on coming here - I just end up here.  Case and point; We had planned on having dinner elsewhere but there were no tables available so we ended up here.  And that's no knock on Pete's.  I like Pete's.  I wouldn't go there as many times as I have now, if I didn't.  Some things are very good, others are okay and some are just decent.  Hey, it's a cafe after all, right?  The ½ portion of Sweet and Spicy Wings were good.

The cup of heirloom pumpkin soup topped with pepitas and marshmallows hit the spot on this cold night.  The texture was great too.  I liked it so much, I made my own version a few days ago.  Stay tuned.

 We also ordered a ½ portion of Sticky Spicy Calamari with cucumbers, cilantro and cashews in a sweet Thai Chili sauce.  I wish we had gotten a full portion.  This would have paired wonderfully with a better IPA! 


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