Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raspado de Nuez

I've been meaning to try my hand at a few different things I've eaten around town.  Finally, I got around to making one such thing.  This walnut raspado was on my to-do/to-attempt list for quite some time, so I thought I'd give it a go.  The recipe is a simple one that I think both kids and adults can enjoy.  

I used to have similar things as a kid when my dad would take us to the park to roll around in the grass for a few hours (what else was I supposed to do - not like we brought balls with us to play with) while he read his newspaper (Holy shit! It still exists!).  

Anyway, if I was lucky there would be a baseball/softball game going on.  Being that I was bored, I'd wander off to the snack shack because I knew they would be open when league games were being played.  I don't remember if I ever bought anything other than a snow cone there and if I did, it probably wasn't any good.  Hell, I doubt the snow cone thing I bought was much better!  But as a kid, who was denied all the junk food normal kids eat growing up, I loved the sugary treat!

Well, fast forward 30 years or so and here I was, having a childhood treat again.  Different, but the same.  It was still sugary sweet and bad for me but the flavor and color were natural this time.  It didn't taste artificially flavored and it didn't stain my lips (and face, for that matter) this time.  

Ya, that was then and this is now.  Ya, that was a snow cone and this is a raspado.  But I still see many raspado-peddling-peeps that still make em with the Kool Aid/Skittles/Starburst/Jolly Rancher looking liquid.  Trust me, fresh ones are better.  Way better.

Raspado de Nuez.

To make a walnut snow cone, toast ½ cup minced walnuts.

Dump the walnut pieces into a pot with 2 cups milk and 1 cup sugar.

Simmer til the mixture is reduced by a third (I reduced mine by half and thought it was too sweet) and allow to cool.

Shave some ice or wack the hell out of ice cubes til pulverized and dump that into your cup or glass.  Pour some of your cooled walnut mixture over the top and serve with a wide straw or spoon.  Wanna add a lil extra pizazz to it?  Something befitting of an adult palette?  Any brown spirit will do!      

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