Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scoop Delicias (South Gate)


I had just come out of my nearby supermarket when I noticed another Bionicos shop opened up next to it.  I've never actually tried a Bionico but I do like snacking on their other goodies like esquites, mangoneadas and Tostilocos - even though my favorite is prepared at Lilly's.

Raspado. Half Rompope.  Half Nuez.

Since I didn't plan on coming here to begin with, I thought I'd grab something to take home.  I figured I would nab some paletas.  I'm always on the look out for  good paletas and while I have a nearby source for them, if this shop carried them, I'd literally be a 10 minute walk away from them.  Bonus for me, right?  Well, unfortunately for me, they do not offer them here.  They do sell ice cream but nothing stood out to me.  I ordered a raspado.  Good. Very good.      

Just one of their many menus.

A few of their specials.

I was gonna call it a day but I saw that they sell tacos de canasta.  I had never tried tacos sudados, as they are also known.  I couldn't leave without trying one, right?  

Tacos de Canasta - one of each.

I ordered the lot of them and dressed them up with a semi smoky salsa and homemade pickeled carrots.  The brine could have been more assertive for my liking and I wish they would also pickle some jalapeños to add to the mix

Tacos dressed up with their homemade picked carrots and onions.

The taco de papa, papa con chorizo, frijol and chicharron were all good.  But don't attempt to eat these like you would a normal taco.  This is a [knife and] fork affair.  My favorites were the chicharron and frijol.    

Crepes at a Bionicos shop?  Now I've seen it all.

While I waited on my order, I noticed a few other things these guys sell.  Crepes and tortas ahogadas.  I would like to say the tortas grabbed my attention more...but crepes?  Damn, that one came straight out of left field!  I'll have to come back and try these.  Crepes in South Gate? Who knew!?  But before I return for crepes, I would like to try their torta ahogada.  It's been a long while since I had one of those.



  2. Thank you, Karina. I'm glad you are enjoying it. :)