Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Glen (Downey)



I don't know why, but neon signs irk the hell out of me.  I heard this bar was trying to go a bit more upscale.  Well, nothing says upscale to me more than signage reminiscent of something that conjures up the red light district.

Okay, perhaps I'm being too harsh.  I guess it's just that I expected more, to be honest with you.  The cocktails and booze were of the same the run of the mill variety as the next place.  The beer selection wasn't much better either.  They did carry Stone, but who doesn't these days?

And of course, if it's Stone, it's their IPA or Arrogant Bastard that they carry.  Nothing wrong with that but it's just ho hum.    

And not this shit again!!  Right in front of me too! Fucken contraption is my kryptonite!

I took some (unusually? ya right!) horrible pics here cuzz the G's kept mad dogging. Oh shit, it's that neon contraption again!

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