Monday, November 26, 2012

The Luggage Room Pizzeria (Pasadena)



Cocktail List.

Lilly's French Sailor.

Beer on tap.

Bacon Wrapped Dates.

It was a blustery night in Pasadena.  For whatever reason, Lilly decided to have them seat us outside since the wait inside was almost an hour.  That explains the cheese missing from a couple of the dates and why I didn't enjoy a beer with my pizza.  Yes, they had heat lamps and they were on full blast but they were no match for the gusty cold winds.  I wouldn't recommend anyone sitting in the patio with conditions being the way they were.  By the way, as much as I love bacon wrapped _____ (fill in the blank), these dates were huge and the sweetness from them were no match for the bacon.  I wouldn't order them again.

But we didn't come here for that.  We came for pizza.

The pizza we got though isn't on the menu.  It was a special that night.  It had corn, fresno chile, sun dried tomatoes, ricotta and basil.  The flavor was good but could have been seasoned better.  I also liked the chew of the dough, although, it could have been crispier on the bottom.  Overall, a better than average pie.

Food Menu.

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