Thursday, December 20, 2012

CarmeLa Ice Cream (Pasadena)


The menu on 12.15.12

I am always tempted to try their affogato and ice cream sandwiches but I can't stray from going simple - and by simple, I don't mean vanilla.

I got 3 scoops - roasted sweet potato, candied pecan & orange vanilla bean sorbet.  My favorite of the trio was the sweet potato.  The candied pecan was great too but the sorbet was amiss for me.  The flavor was good but the texture wasn't.  Rather than it being creamy, this one was borderline icy.  Texturally, this was the worst I've had from Carmella.  Shame shame.

I was tempted to buy some ice cream to go like I usually do but I'm on a budget cuzz of Christmas and all...

Then again, I could have gifted some homemade marshmallows, candied nuts, hot chocolate mixes, etc.  But I didn't.  I'm making my own concoctions to gift this time around.  More on that...eventually.

Jessie was with me this time around (hence the reason I got 3 scoops and not 2) and he got dark chocolate with cacao nibs, cranberry orange thyme sorbet and salted caramel.


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