Monday, December 3, 2012

Scoop Delicias (South Gate)


I've stopped by a few times now since my initial visit.  For the most part, this can be attributed to the fact that they are a stone's throw away from my house and I happen to frequent the supermarket next to it regularly.  That's not to say that is the only reason I've come in but it's been a contributing factor.  The truth of the matter is, the food is good and the ladies behind this shop are upstanding people.  I wanna see them do well, if only for that reason.  But I wouldn't allow that to influence the overall impression this place had on yours truly, so fret not my loyal followers (all 3 of you haha).

I've found some things to be better than others.  Nothing has been bad per se, but what I've enjoyed more than everything else have been the tacos de canasta and the beverages/raspados.  The homemade syrups used for the raspados are better than most raspados you'll find around here.  And as far as the aguas go, they are in constant rotation.  From what I have tried, you won't come away thinking they are watered down.  Far from it.  These are full flavored aguas encremadas, so expect agua de fresa but with the addition of dairy.  And as far as the tacos de canasta go, they're a very humble and homey dish.  I kinda wish I had some right now...

Now, on to the not-so-successful dishes.  Equite, torta ahogada and [to a lesser extent] tostimarineros, I'm looking at you.  Objectively speaking, as always, the torta and esquite were over-salted.  Specifically, the salsa used for the torta.  Aside from that, the torta was fine.  But one misstep like that can ruin an entire dish.  I had the same issue with the esquite but the mayonnaise tempered it a bit.  And the culprit reared its ugly head again in my tostimarineros.  Well, not nearly as much, but when combined with the already salty Tostitos, it can be overbearing.  Otherwise, I liked the Tostimarineros en aguachile quite a bit.  So, my only qualm with all of these dishes was salt, truthfully.  And I'm a person that generally likes food seasoned aggressively!  If I think it's a little salty, what must others think?  

Anyway, I'll be back for more tacos, raspados, aguas, some tostiloco derivative and I still need to try a crepe or two.  In the meantime, I wish Rosa-Maria, Alejandra and Ely nothing but continued success.  If you happen to stop by, tell 'em I said hello!                          

Scoop Delicias.

Torta Ahogada.

Raspado de Nuez y Coco.


The jaiba, camaron y pepino en aguachile for the Tostimarineros.

Mexican Tostitos for a number of Tostiloco preparations they make here.

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