Friday, January 4, 2013

1886 @ The Raymond (Pasadena)


Cool bourbon barrel used for part of their service station.

Phone with missing parts?  And I thought new technology was becoming a challenge to figure out!

Fall: 1886 - 6 year calvados, sherry, lemon juice.

Cheeseburger & tots -  more like a cheese-slider.  

Fries.  Duh.

Spanish Fly - Tequila, all spice dram, swedish punsch, homemade grenadine, fresh lime, cara cara orange juice.

Chips with onion dip - out of all the spud options, I'd pass on the fries.  And between the chips n tots, I give the nod to the chips.

Walter's Last Sip - you're so ghetto, Yessie!

A look at the patio out back.

I've been a huuuuge fan of this bar since it first opened.  I've gone through every single seasonal menu (though not every drink) and I plan on doing more of the same this year and beyond.  But I can't help to feel sad knowing that general bar manager, Garret Mckechnie and Lacy Murillo are gone.  Together, they created some of my favorite cocktails not just at 1886 but anywhere.  As I understand it, Garret, will be tending the bar at Cole's which is closer to home and work but I just have a feeling he won't have the green light to be as creative as he was here.  I'll always go to Cole's - that's a given.  But they are more of a stirred-drink bar for me.  Nothing wrong with that, but I like variety.  I hear they are raising their game with other notable hires so maybe they will offer a greater assortment than before.  But my main concern (if you wanna call it that), is with 1886.  Good thing Marcos Tello and Aidan Demarest are still consultants behind the drink program.  Apparently, they have already hired replacements.  Good luck to them.  I look forward to trying their tipples when the next menu rolls out.  I hope they come out swinging cuzz the have some mighty big shoes to fill.


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