Thursday, January 31, 2013

1886 @ The Raymond (Pasadena)


After going to 1886 one weekend to try half of their winter menu cocktails, I couldn't wait to return to finish off their list.  The following weekend, we did just that.     

Standing out to me this time around were the Bank Heist, Admiral's Nightcap and the Old Devil.  And while still good, my least favorites were Tenderheart and Huckleberry Sour.  The Bank Heist came with a bag of loot in the form of chocolate gold coins.  The presentation was cute and funny yet functional when paired with this Scotch cocktail.  I saw a few people not tearing into the gold wrappers while sipping their drink.  Maybe they weren't aware that there was chocolate inside?  Or maybe I wasn't supposed to tear into them?  Oops?  Oh well.  What's done, is done.  Would I do it again?  Unless I'm told otherwise, hell yeah!

I don't think I can go another few months til the release of their spring menu, so I'll probably take someone new along just so I can have some of my new winter favorites one more time.  Then again, when a menu is this good, you hardly need an excuse.  The drinks themselves are reason enough!      


Bank Heist.


Made in Peru.

 Alpine Needle Punch.

 Admiral's Nightcap.

Old Devil.

Huckleberry Sour.

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