Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Hogg (Los Angeles - Silver Lake)



I had been meaning to check this place out since they opened.  Unfortunately for me, when I finally got around to making plans to have dinner there, they had already ceased operations - til they acquired their liquor license anyway.

All the better, I suppose.  Lord knows I like my booze!  

While we waited for a table I enjoyed a pint of Allagash Black.  It was then that I noticed the tight quarters, that is their dining room.  I really hate practically being elbow to elbow with complete strangers.  Not just that, but being seated in small tables.  I can't stand tiny two-tops.  And It drives me insane when they automatically bring a carafe of water, 2 glasses and a bread basket.  Great.  We're gonna order drinks  so now you're gonna cram more shit on our table that already has aforementioned as well as 2 small plates and a candle on it??  How am I supposed to order anything with all this crap on here??  

 And of course, when I order a drink, I'm left with the bottle as well.  Aaugh!!  But I digress... My Sour Ale was good by the way.  I'd gladly order one again.

Part 1 of the menu.

We came primarily for this - Popcorn Bacon.  The cubed pork belly was great but the sauce was way too thin.  I mean, it was downright watery.  

Like I've said a million times before, I gotta have shishito peppers if they are on a menu.  Biased or not, this was my 2nd favorite plate of food here.  The addition of candied anchovies added a nice salty and sweet element to the dish.  

The Pork Belly Tacos were also good.  I could have eaten over half a dozen of these.  But at $5 per taco, these were overpriced so I can't consider it a contender for my favorite plate of food I had for this meal.

I haven't liked Brussels sprouts until recently.  And I liked these enough to say that I am officially a fan of brussels sprouts now.  These came in the form of a hash with potatoes, poached egg and a bacon vinaigrette.  Mmmm bacoooon.  No wonder I enjoyed these so much.

Part 2 of the menu.

My favorite dish was actually a sandwich. The Bahn Mi, to be exact.  The bread was warm, crusty and stuffed with various meats.  It also had bitter greens in it, which I like on my sandwiches, a semi spicy slaw and fried quail eggs over the top for added richness.  It was an excellent sandwich.

I left pleased for the most part.  Although I came here for bacon, it was the sandwich that I'll remember.  I'd gladly recommend it over any of the other dishes I had here.  The sandwich alone would bring me back.  But next time, I'll sit at the bar. You have more room there! 

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