Friday, January 25, 2013

Downey Brewing Company (Downey)


Mouette A Trois (3 Seagulls) - Karl Strauss Brewing Co.

A portion of the beer menu.

Delirium Tremens.

 I remember the first time having this at West 4th & Jane just before I started this blog.  I thought to myself, "God damn this is some strong stuff!"  Fast forward to 2013.  That was then, this is now.  It's been about 5 years since I last had it.  My thoughts now are nowhere near what they used to be.  I still liked it but now it read more like good solid beer.  My thoughts before revolved around the high alcohol content.  To me, 8.5% was a lot back then and generally speaking as well.  The craft scene wasn't what it is now.  Just a few years ago, beer with this high alcohol content wasn't readily available.  Now, it's pretty standard.  High now, is over 11%.  Where will be be in just a few years??  I can't wait!

I've noticed since my early drinking days while a student at UCI that I like ranch dressing (when i'm inebriated).  I used to walk across the street from my Cornell Court apartment to the now defunct Dublin's Irish Pub inside of the University Town Center.  I used to be a gambling man and win lose or draw, my housemate Brent and I would walk over and celebrate or drown our sorrows with a round of brews.  I was mostly a Guinness drinker and being that I was in a pub, that was my go-to drink.  Something else I would always get, were wings, fries or chicken strips with ranch dressing.  The ranch was always a must.  Even if I ordered pizza, I'd have ranch on the side.  Funny thing is, I hated their ranch.  It was always so damn runny.  It was probably the most watered down sauce I had ever had.  I was do drunk It was so bad that it would drip all over over you, even if you were careful.  But I didn't care.  I had just won a slew of money or lost a slew of money; what did I care?!  Funniest thing was, staggering home afterwards.  See, Irvine cops had very little do to (being the 3rd safest city the United States the year I enrolled) are smart, they'd arrive right around closing time and nail people soon after they drove off.  I'm Mexican and the dude I was with, was a loud drunk white dude by the name of Brent.  Immediately, we would stand out in a primarily Asian campus - especially when we were together.  Well, whether we were in a drunken stupor or just flat-out pretending, the cops would follow us...just waiting for us to jump in a car so they could haul us off.  Thing is, like I said, we lived less than 3 minutes away - on foot!  Hahaha  Memo 1 - Irvine PD 0.  Anyway, I liked ranch dressing then, I like it now.  Here, I had it with cheap fries and chicken strips - neither of which were made in house - but at least the ranch dressing wasn't watered down. 

 Oh no, not this shit again!  

                   Brewed by selected Breweries?  Hmm, remind me to find out what breweries make their "house beer."  And why call yourself a Brewing Company if you don't brew anything yourself??  I call bullshit.

I had sampled a bit of Lost Abbey's Mayan Apocalypse and liked it so I ordered one.  Something I noticed and hate about their pours, if you are going to serve a 10 ounce or 12 ounce pour, use the proper glassware or get some.  Don't serve me a glass halfway full.  Anyway, I liked this beer enough to get it again.  Thing is, with a name like Judgement Day, how often will this thing be around?  Either way, it reminded me of Mexican hot chocolate because of the cinnamon  and dark chocolate undertones.  Good stuff.  The so-called brewery?  Hmm the jury is still out.  A return visit is warranted.  Soon, very soon.  To the bartender that showed interest enough in my beer inquiry to Google things up, thank you.  To the bartender that tugged on the menu away from under my elbow without asking or apologizing, fuck you.  

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