Monday, January 21, 2013

Grill 'Em All (Alhambra)


I couldn't agree more.

Good thing we arrived when we did.  By the time we left, this was the scene.  I'd say the last person in line got to order their food no sooner than half an hour later.  In all likelihood, it probably took around 45 minutes to an hour to put their order in.

When we arrived, the line was only 6 deep.  That line quickly grew, however, as we were told that they were gonna take a 15 minute pause from taking orders, to allow the place to empty out a bit and for the kitchen to prep some more food for the dinner onslaught.  Their grand opening drew mass crowds and with them not taking a break between lunch and dinner service, they got in the weeds a bit.  Expect them to cease serving food all day long.  They'll probably close for a couple of hours to get the place back in shape between lunch and dinner.  

I couldn't help but notice this hanging by the doorway.  I remember my older brother having this very poster/frame about 20 years ago.  I think I was able to guess all but a couple of metal heads in there back in the day,  Now, I don't know.  How many can you guess?  Click on the pic for a larger image.

Not the best beer list but I can understand why.  I mean, what metal head drinks craft beer anyway, right?  See what I mean?  So the beer they have makes sense. 

I opted for Eagle Rock's Solidarity while Yessie ordered a Pyramid's Hef.  One thing I hope G.E.A. addresses soon is the problem of diners wanting more to drink.  I was practically done with my brew when I was less than halfway through with my burger.  What's the big deal, you ask?  Order another drink, you say? Fuck you, you stand in line for half an hour to get another drink.  See what I mean?  They have one register for the entire place!  They should tend to the diners at the counter separately with a 2nd resister.  Treat it similar to a bar so you can order beer there.  This would somewhat alleviate the build up at the front, allow me the opportunity to purchase more beer or food and more importantly, for them to put even more cash in their pockets.  Just my thoughts - good ones too this time! ;)

While we had to wait about twenty minutes in total just to get our order in, the food came out in a timely manner.  During our short wait, I was looking over some of their fine reading material at the counter.  

Sides and...Salads?  How'd that get in there??

Anvil Fries - I've tried the other fries on the menu before (with the exception of the High on Fries).  These will be difficult to not order when I come again.  

Primate Fries (their version of Animal Fries).

The burgers.

Jump in the Fryer - This was my first time trying this sandwich/burger.  The waffles aren't made in-house but everything else is.  I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived at our table.  I wasn't expecting a beef patty as the menu made no indication of this.  But looking over the menu now, none of the burgers include a beef patty as one of the elements in the burger.  It's just a given.  Here I was, thinking I was being a good boy by getting a burger with chicken.  haha  In actuality, the only reason I chose this one was because I hadn't seen it on their menu before.  So the whole healthful aspect of me choosing this burger, was a coincidence and a complete farce.  Anyway, the height on this thing was a little challenging to get a complete bite in, but as I always seem to do, I found a way.  It's no easy task either as the innards of this burger aren't mushable.  Either way, it was a well-seasoned juicy patty with a more than adequate crust.  As expected, the maple syrup went well with the bacon and chicken but what was severely lacking was the vinegary hot sauce to get the full chicken n waffle effect.  I'm pretty sure they left it out altogether.  Even then, this burger (if you wanna call it that) was a winner.          

 Winger aka The Stewart - Yessie went with the simplest of burgers and based on the [little] amount of talking he did while we enjoyed our food and quickly he made it disappear, I'd say he liked his burg as well.  The only comment he did make, was that the patty wasn't  a ½ lb of beef.  Well, Yessie, maybe it was before they cooked it or perhaps it's more likely that THE BURGER IS A ½ LB'ER.  I mean, I don't see "½ lb patty" anywhere on the menu, do you?  Sorry, Yessie.  Next time bring your glasses, mamon! haha  

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