Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hambone's BBQ and Po'Boy Sandwiches (Bellflower)


The joint.

They have a patio out back but with the weather being so cold, we passed and ate inside.  No tables inside though - just counters with bar stools.

The Menu.

The Menu cont.

My Specialty Burger - Beef, or turkey patty upon request, bacon, pulled pork (since they were out of bacon) egg, sauteed onions, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled mushrooms, spinach and avocado. 

Yes, I know.  I ordered a burger at a bbq joint.  But it sounded soooo good and it delivered.  The patty was seasoned well with pepper and other warming spices.  And would you look at that crusty patty!  Yes!  Unfortunately, after a couple of bites, the thing didn't hold up.  It quickly became a knife and for affair.  The pulled pork that replaced the bacon was so lacquered with sauce that it quickly turned the bun to mush.  It also didn't help that the burger was assembled with pork and sauce on the very bottom bun.  The burger never stood a chance.  That aside, it was a tasty burger I'd gladly order again - with bacon though.   

Rib Tips with Fries (not shown).   Available on weekends only.

I ordered this as the side dish to my burger.  See, I did have Q after all!  The tips were really good.  A little bit of bark, spotty fattiness, good smoke and the sauce, while good, could have been better.

Full Rack of Baby Backs with more of the same sauce.

Flavor-wise, the food was good, but the sauce was a little lacking.  I wouldn't mind it so much if they had other sauces, but they only offer this sweet BBQ sauce.  After awhile, the flavor just became redundant for me.  I would like more options.  Perhaps one with a vinegary tang and another with more heat.  

 To drink, I had their "Swamp Water."  It's just a murky looking sweet tea.  Good but again, sweet.  No way was I going to order dessert.  But if you do want more sweets, they have peach cobbler (Saturdays) and banana pudding that both look good.  Perhaps next time. 


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