Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magic Hat's #9 Not Quite Pale Ale


Very unique in flavor and aroma.

I had never heard of this beer or brewery until I looked them up.  By then, I had already committed to buying it blindly.  All good as it cost me about $3 or so.  


About average in ABV.

This reminded me of 40s some of the gang used to drink back in our dorm as a freshman (heck, that room looked identical to mine when I moved in a complex away.  It sure didn't look the same while I lived there and even after I left. Ahh, the memories...but I digress).  The nose was pronounced like a malty 40, but this bomber had some funk to it.  The malt gave way to apricot and peach.  The flavor had a similar profile but not carbonated like most fruit beer.  It was interesting to say the least - just not interesting enough to make me want to finish the bottle.  Strange thing is, I wanted something to snack on to help me finish the bottle.  And would you know it, suddenly the pairing made it much easier for me to finish the bottle.  Funny how that works.  Still, I'd pass on this oddball brew if I were you.   Then again, if you got a couple of bucks to spare or chile limon cacahuates...


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