Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mesa Grill Yellow Corn Muffins


I had been meaning to delete a few pictures of things I had made that didn't come out quite right.  Today, with me being all under the weather, I thought I'd update my blog.  As I was going through my camera, I came across the pictures I just mentioned.  I didn't plan on posting them.  In fact, I planned on posting some feel-good food in the hopes that I might feel better myself.  In the end, I thought to myself, "what better day than to post this crap?"  I'm feeling crummy now so let's get it all out there.  This post, and the previous one or following one (depending on how you're reading this) are my attempts to cleanse myself of some truly bad food I recently made.  We've all been there; just that I'm one those people that happen to document it.  So here goes - my little mishaps.  Minor, but enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Bobby Flay's Yellow Corn Muffins.

Just a little something I had planned to serve on Thanksgiving.

Having been to Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, having enjoyed countless hours of food tv starring Mr. Flay and having cooked out of his books a few times, I thought I would turn to him again for a simple cornbread.  He hadn't failed me before so why not go back to the old well, right?

With the exception of using blue corn meal, I followed his recipe to a tee.

The result was revoltingly salty.  I don't know what I was thinking, or maybe I was distracted by Thanksgiving football on tv because I've caught glaring mistakes in recipes before but this one snuck right in front under me.  If you'll notice on the recipe, it calls for 4 TEASPOONS OF SALT.  Like I said, I pretty much followed the recipe to a tee.  That's all you need to know.  There was no saving this bread.  Once the salt goes in, it's not coming out.  I tried adding honey to off-set the saltiness and it kinda worked.  But even when the flavor was becoming passable, I knew I couldn't serve these knowing full-well the amount of sodium I had put in them.  I'm pretty sure Bobby Flay's cornbread doesn't come out this salty as I'm sure he doesn't add this amount of salt.  The editor either made a mistake before finalizing the cookbook or Bobby mistakenly gave them a flawed recipe.  #Fail      

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