Thursday, January 24, 2013

Primitivo Wine Bistro (Venice)



Beer by the bottle.

Nothing really stood out to me so I ordered a Chimay Tripel.

White Sangria with elderflower liqueur - this was one of my least favorite sangrias in a long while.  

Ordinary bread with a really good pimenton spread though.  Hey, who started eating without me?!

Assortment of Spanish olives, toasted almonds, citrus, chile and olive oil.

Croquetas de jamon with harissa Aioli.

Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with Spanish chorizo and candied walnuts.  Glazed with a balsamic glaze.

I mistakenly ordered these (as I am officially off of the bacon-wrapped dates bandwagon) and nothing about this dish made me take back the fact that I put the order in.  First of all, it came out looking ugly.  Yes I know my bullshit photography only make things worse, but trust me, it didn't look appetizing.  I don't hate bacon-wrapped dates per se, it's just that I've gotten tired of eating them.  And it seems like, they keep getting sweeter and sweeter on me, like these for instance.  I'll need to return to Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica where I think I remembered falling in love with them - but only after a 1 year moratorium.  No more bacon-wrapped dates til then.

 Bolas de cangrejo with basil aioli.

Albondigas - lamb, pork and veal meatballs served with arrabiatta sauce, manchego and bread.

The sauce didn't have enough garlic or chili flake for me to consider it arrabiatta.  It wasn't even mild.  The balls were good but gamey for my taste buds.  Then again, I didn't order this, now did I?  ;)

I needed another beer to wipe the funk from the balls off my palate so I ordered this Hopf Helle Weisse Hef.  It was good but not memorable.  Hence, the reason I can't tell you much else about it.

  Grilled flatiron steak with charred asparagus, house fries, romesco sauce and salsa verde.

I noticed up until this point, everything we had ordered was in the form of an orb.  Talk about monotony!  I decided to break the streak with something I had hoped would end the meal for me on a good note.  For the most part, I enjoyed the crab cakes and croquettes, but everything else was so-so.  I thought I would order a safe and satisfying dish.  Luckily for me, the steak dish did not disappoint.  The home fries were nothing to write home about (or blog about in this case) and the salsa verde could have been aided by a touch of acid...but overall, I enjoyed the dish.  Looking back, however, it wasn't enough to make me wanna come back or sing the restaurant's praises.  For whatever it's worth, the service was great.   Simply put, though, there are better restaurants up and down the block.       


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