Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Taste of Mexico @ The Vibiana (Los Angeles - Downtown)


A Taste of Mexico 2012.

Sope con mole.

Salmon chicharon taco.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Loteria was in the house.  They had one of my favorite plates of food.

Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, churro.  Also a shrimp sope with chile morrita salsa.

I forgot who put the pozole out, but it too was one of my favorites.

They had (1) beer, tequila and mezcal tastings.  I was disappointed for a variety of reasons.  None of the tequilas they had were aƱejos and some were blends.  And about that beer...just one lousy beer offered and Victoria is what you guys came up with?  How about some Mexican craft beer instead of the same ole song and dance?!  And where was the mezcal?  Shit, I know I didn't arrive right when the doors opened, but 2 hours in and it's nowhere to be found?  Fuck that.  I began feeling gypped.  But more on that later...

There was some good food and there was some really bad food.  Like this ridiculous thing.  Organic chicken taco with a bottled tasting tomatillo sauce.  Oh, and it was served on a flour tortilla...seemingly microwaved to boot.  2 bites in, I decided to throw it away.

More of the same dreadful "Mexican" food (ya right) this organic peddler was pushing.  No thank you.  Now, please show yourself to the door.  Who invited these clowns??

Well, I was glad to see that Guelaguetza was invited.  I also saw Bricia Lopez with a noted blogger/food writer.  I wanted to ask the mezcal aficionado a couple of related questions but she seemed immersed in the night's festivities so perhaps another day.

In the meantime, I gobbled up some of their dishes.  The mole was good but a little sweet for my liking.  Which got me thinking; where was Rocio and her Mole De Los Dioses?!  

Well, at least La Casita Mexicana was there to represent Bell.  At least they got that right.

Los pelones were present but I didn't get to snap a picture of them.  They had the biggest presence of everyone there.  This pork roast was from their food stall.

As was this arroz con dulce de leche pudding.

When we arrived, there was a mariachi playing.  Later, that led to...

..some modern Mexican music.  I was happy they didn't get carried away and have this kind of mamada!  

I was glad someone made ceviche.  I was looking forward to some cold, preferably seafood, preparation and I got my fix (after going back for 2nds and 3rds).

Some lines were longer than others so we sandwiched some desserts in between all the savory stuff. These cakes were by Rene Baez.  The one on the left was the best Tres Leches Cake I've had.  And I don't even really like the stuff.  It was sooo good.  If it's possible, I'm gonna see about buying some from him.

I remember seeing these cats at another food event, but I can't place them at the moment.

I have no idea who put this plate out.  Doesn't look appetizing, truthfully.  But trust me, if it was really good or really bad, I would have remembered.  

 I think this was some bionico type thing from Nevera.  

 Okay, this one I know for sure.  Victoria Michelada.  Sadly, the mix was some bottled stuff.  Not bad though, but not fresh or homemade either.

 Speaking of bottled, this margarita was made with margarita mix.  #Fail.

This was the scene outside.  It was freezing out so I was glad they put up a tent to trap some of the heat for the event.

Twice I've had this taco.  Twice it was at a food event.  Solid taco.

See above.  Taco de elote from Candela's.

Res en su jugo.

Cochinito Pibil Taco.

Wait a minute.  I thought the tres leches cake was in another pic.  Well, this is the actual Tres Leches I spoke of earlier.  It had a guava caramel sauce on it.  Once again, dee-li-cious.

My overall impression was that the event was a dud.  A farce, more like it.  I mean, I was excited to have mezcal, cocktails, aged tequila and try food from the likes of Red 'O, Playa, La Sandia and a few others. 2 hours into the event, I came across this bullshit from a few stalls.  No food or drinks, just a freaking name tag and a menu.  I swear, I felt like tossing the tags and menus into the trash.  Now, to be fair, maybe they didn't plan on being there the entire night and they were only part of the 1 hour VIP admission participants.  But nowhere was this mentioned.  So perhaps this falls squarely on the shoulders of the people responsible for the event.  To someone, I hold up high my middle finger. Pricks!

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