Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Angel City Brewing (Los Angles - Downtown)


The Brewery.

Eureka Wit and Vanilla Porter (my favorite, so far). 

The menu.  

Eureka and Angeleno are available city-wide.  The porter and pilsner, you can only get here. 

The yet-to-be-named Pilsner.  

My 2nd favorite beer here (and I don't really like Pilsners).

  You can sit at the bar where they have around 12 stools or you can park your ass on one of the many benches directly across.  In a month or so, you'll be able to reserve the upstairs section for private parties.

The view from the benches. 

So far, you can only purchase 4 different Angel City beers but they have 4 more taps ready to go for when they release more.  And as far as food goes, soon you'll be able to order from the pizzeria across the street and grab some grub from food trucks that will eventually set up outside.

Remains from the old brewery.

No, not art; just a slide that was once used to move goods from the upper floor the lower level.

 So far, I'm a little unimpressed with what I've had.  But I'm told they are gonna dabble with sours and barrel-aging beer in bourbon barrels so I still have hope for that, as those are my personal favorite styles of beer.  In the meantime, get some glassware, will ya?  I feel like I'm at frat party with all these damn plastic cups.  Just sayin'.    

These were their business hours for the first 2 weeks.  

 They are now open from 4-10 on Thursday through Friday.  Sundays remain the same.

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