Monday, March 11, 2013

Maximiliano (Highland Park)



I apologize for the [even worse] quality of my pics, as I took all of these from my cell phone.  

Winter Weisse and a glass of red.  

Sorry, but I rarely pay any attention to wine.  I liked my sour though.  It's my favorite beer from Craftsman to date.

The beer menu featuring Pasadena's Craftsman Brewery.

Baked polenta with gorgonzola and pomodoro.

I generally enjoy anything with funky blue cheese in it, so this dish already had that going for it.  Even though the cheese wasn't pronounced, it was subtle enough to mark it's presence.  Everything was in proper balance so that no one flavor overtook the other.  I liked the dish but I couldn't help but crave something with crunch.  I'm glad we were sharing this.  Otherwise, I might have gotten bored of it.  It's a nice side dish, more of an appetizer for me.

Holiday Ale.

Wow, this one caught me by surprise.  It was very floral and piney to say the least.  It was a Christmas tree in a beer - the best way I'd describe it.  I mean that in a good way, though.  I couldn't stop drinking it.  It grew on me.  

Potato Pizza - fingerling potatoes, ricotta, spinach and roasted garlic.

Typically, when I go out to a new place I like to try a bunch of different things to get a feel for the place.  That's probably why I love tapas and small plates so much.  As much as I wanted to try more from Maximiliano, after receiving our pizza, we knew there wouldn't be anymore food coming to our table - not even dessert.  Now, I'm not the biggest fan of tomato sauces so I tend to stray from them for the most part.  So, I'm really glad we agreed on getting this pizza.  It's not often that you come across a pizza with potato on it and whenever we see it, we have to try it.  The ones we've previously had, had potato cut thinly and crisped a bit from the high heat of the pizza ovens.  I liked the crispy bits of potato but the potato was lacking in flavor.  Well, at Maximiliano, they add little chunks of fingerling potatoes that had already been seasoned and cooked.  The result, was a much better flavored potato topping.  It was buttery, creamy and lacking no seasoning.  The spinach and roasted garlic combination obviously worked well together, but I think I would have preferred more of a fresh garlic bite.  Ricotta on pizza, or anything for that matter, is another thing I love so this pizza was tailor-made for me.  Oh, and the crust, it was darn good as well.  I'd happily order this pie again.         

Dessert menu.

Like I said, we had no room at the time for additional food so we passed on the sugary treats.  Next time.

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