Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Eyed Gypsy (Los Angeles - Downtown)



Not that you couldn't find this place without seeing the sign - it's the big ass purple building on the northeast corner of 1st and Vignes.

 Happy Hour menu.

We arrived right as the doors opened.  It was happy hour but we didn't have time for that.

Beer and Punch specials.

See, I procured a deal that got us unlimited punch, unlimited tots, 2 pizzas and a grip of deep fried goodness.  We had 90 minutes to take advantage of this deal; and that we did. 

Diablo punch.

Our options included either of their punches so we went back and forth between the two.  My favorite was the Diablo.  It was slightly tart with a good kick from the jalapeño.


The Payaso was too sweet for my liking but for the girls people that like to order "fruity" drinks, this one would be "to die for." God, I hate that phrase.

The regular drink menu pt I.

Regular drink menu cont.

Brie, arugula and pear pizza.

For our first pizza, I chose this white pie (told you I didn't care much for tomato sauce).  It was good but a little too sweet - even with the arugula providing a little bitterness.

Pizza portion of the menu.

Mushroom and white cheddar pizza.

I enjoyed our second pie but I could have done without the caramelized onions.  Again, the sweetness it provided was more than what I what have liked.  Damn, where did my sweet tooth go?  Suddenly, everything tastes cloying sweet to me. 

Snacks and dessert.

Sweet potato tots. 

Okay, enough of the sweet stuff!  Right about now, I needed something savory and salty to break the monotony of this meal.  So, I got up off my ass and ordered...

...a Corn dog...

...and beer combo off of their happy hour menu.

This was much needed and the best thing I had all night.  Out of everything we had, the corn dog was my favorite and the only dish I'd order again.  Oh, and the beer the special came with, Dos XX.

Skee Ball anyone?

After 6 or 7 drinks, pizza, tots and a corn dog, I was bursting at the seems and ready to throw in the towel or at least take a break and play some skee ball.

The stage where the musicians perform.

I could have sat back and even enjoyed some folksy hipster music.  Anything to not stuff anything else down my gullet.  But nooooo, here came our...


Holy cow! Despite the size that appears before you, this thing was massive.  Like I had mentioned earlier, our meal included deep-fried treats galore.  This platter came with deep fried Oreos, Girl Scout Cookies, Moonpies, and 2 other items not on the menu.  Add to that, whipped cream, strawberries, fudge and sprinkles.  And I was complaining about the previous dishes being sweet!!  This was overkill but well-placed considering it was dessert.  I actually didn't mind it here.  It was good but way too much to feel good about yourself after.  Heck, I felt bad after one bite.

Fresh juices, syrups and produce.

Some more of the decor.

I usually have a good time when I come here.  The drinks are alright and the beer selection is okay.  The food is average with the corn dog being the highlight for me.  It's usually full so if you come after 8:00, don't expect to grab a table.  So no food for you, unless you are comfortable eating food at the bar while having everyone standing over you trying to order their drinks.  Yeah, I didn't think so.  Good thing is, you can call or email to make a reservation and that pretty much secures you a table for the night.  Not bad.

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