Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Simmzy's (Long Beach - Belmont Shore)



They have an excellent beer menu worth checking out.

Mmmm Beeeer.

I asked for a sour and barley wine and these are the bad boys that were brought to us.  Sadly, I don't remember either one of their names.  I need to start writing stuff down or blog a lot sooner.  We made this visit roughly a month ago.  

Not just any fries.

We saw blue cheese fries on the menu and even though we had just eaten fish tacos across the way, we just had to try them.  Pete's Cafe in downtown LA, still has the best ones we've tried.  These needed more sauce and punch from the cheese.  The addition of hot sauce was nice though.

Part of the decor.

I don't quite get the theme, but I really don't care - not now anyway.  I'm just happy for their craft beer selection.

A look at the bar.

When we arrived, the place was jam packed, except for a couple of seats at the side of the bar.  I wasn't able to see drink specials or other chalkboard specials from my vantage point but I'd really like to return for more beer.  Wait, didn't I already say that?  Well, perhaps I'll return for food as well.  

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