Tuesday, April 30, 2013

El Segundo Brewing Co. (El Segundo)


This was the last of three breweries we visited a week ago. It's probably my least favorite brewery from the ones I've visited.  Despite some harsh comments I made about Angel City, I actually like Angel City better than this one.  I'm not knocking El Segundo either.  It's just that, El Segundo is all about hops.  Me, not so much.  So if you like IPAs, you'd love this place.  I like variety and other breweries give me that.  I like hoppy beer every now and again.  But I can't sit down and throw back ipa after ipa after ipa.  For that reason, and that reason alone, I'm not 100% behind this brewery.  It's outstanding, I think, for the style of beer they produce, but that just aint my style.  So if you love IPAs and are a big fan of Stone Brewing Co., these guys are right up your alley.           

Blink an eye and you might miss the place. 

This is the smallest tasting room of any brewery I have been to.  It's no bigger than the size of a bungalow.

The menu on 4.26.13

Citra, White Dog, Bluehouse, Hyperion Stout and Standard Crude.  Hyperion is delicious and Citra is solid.  The others were good too, if you like super hopped up beer.

No food trucks here.  These are your snack options.  Although, I'm pretty sure they allow you to bring in outside food. 

Their logo.

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