Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ricky's Fish Tacos (Los Angeles - Chinatown)


Ricky fries some of the best fish tacos in all of Los Angeles but I don't think they are without flaw.  First of all, there is no denying that his fish and shrimp are fried to perfection.  The batter is seasoned well and comes out of the fryer a perfectly golden brown color.  The exterior is light, crispy and devoid of oil saturation.  Meanwhile, on the inside, the seafood is hot, moist and delicious.  Ricky knows how to fry his food.  A plus!!       

The rest of the taco is another story.  On the whole, everything else is good but not stellar.  What really bums me out is that he does not offer lime to squeeze over your taco.  Really? And while all the salsas were good, none really stood out.  Even their spiciest one is on the mild side.  This taco needed something to perk it up.  Lime or some form of acidity was definitely missing for me.  The taco comes topped with shredded cabbage and pico de gallo, if you want (I'd suggest it), but neither do much to boost the flavor.  If you aren't going to offer lime, I'd at least soak the cabbage in lime or pickle it to get that much needed boost in flavor.  The last disappointing aspect of this taco is the sauce that to me, aside from the battered/fried fish, makes the fish taco, a Baja Style Fish Taco.  The crema or sour cream sauce here is probably the worst I've had on a fish taco.  It wasn't thick or creamy at all.  It was the consistency of 'half and half' at best.  I mean, it was thin and flavorless.  Why?    

That being said, I'll definitely return but I'll skip the crema if it's watered down and I'll be sure to bring my own limes.  Score!!          

Fish and shrimp tacos - both are good but I liked the shrimp one a little more.

Now serving in Chinatown on weekends.

The setup.

 One fryer for fish, the other for shrimp.

Fresh fish, battered and frying.

Fresh coconut water and horchata.

The goods.

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  1. I never would have thought to put fish in a taco! Now you've got me curious and this is on my 'have to try' list... and I'll take the beverages, too!