Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shipyard Brewing's XXXX IPA (Pugsley's Signature Series)


Straight trash.

Pours an amber color with minimal head even with deliberate coaxing.  Looks good, smells sweet with subtle floral hops.

It's viscous with a honey sweet beginning, is low in carbonation and the alcohol is extremely forward.  It's also very malty for a DIPA.  Yes, it's a double IPA, not a quadruple.  That's the absurdity that got me into buying this crap.  I thought it was some sort of joke so I just had to try it.  I thought this was a novelty beer that went haywire with 4 x's the amount of hops but all it is, is a double IPA made with 4 different kinds of hops.  

I bought this not expecting anything good and I was right.  I had trouble finishing this bomber but with the help of spiced lemon mixed nuts, I did.  It wasn't easy.  I found it absolutely terrible.  Never again.  Blaahhh.  

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