Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spirit House (Monterey Park)


Drake's 1500 American Pale Ale.

What's on tap.

Shiso Mojito.

Tako fries. 

Their fries are great; Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  The toppings here are good but the fries are superb.

One of the three different food menus we came across.

KFC wings.

I find their wings to be on the small side and not very juicy.  

Great Divide's Old Ruffian Barely Wine.  

Japanese chasu tacos.

I'll pass on the chicken wings and these tacos.  The freshly made tortilla was delicious though.

Oxtail Shepard's pie.

Shepard's pie innards.

I debated getting the burger or this pie.  The burger is a "no-brainer," as owner David put it, but I just had to try something new.  David was right.  This is good but the burger is better.

Hangar 24's Chocolate Porter.

Panang curry fries.

More delicious fries, here with a thick curry chili, if you will. 

Japanese craft beer.

I wanted to try Japanese craft beer, specifically the sweet potato lager, but it turns out that their entire menu of Japanese craft beer is only available by the bottle.  I don't have anything against bottles.  I just prefer buying bottles to bring home with me. Restaurants and bars mark up bottles by 100%-125% so I went with the better value - draft.

Asian Pears. 

When we arrived, we asked for a cocktail on their menu that featured Asian pear and Yamazaki whisky.  They were out of pear, so we ordered something else.  Sure enough, general manager and owner, David scampered out to buy the produce.  This guy goes out of his way to ensure you are having a good time.  Hats off to you, my good man.  First, I inquired about mezcal and you stocked your bar with it.  And now, you drop what you are doing to go to the supermarket?  Well done! =)   

Mezcal, habanero infused tequila, mango nectar, lime.  

The fire pit outside.

When we arrived, the place was dead like always.  By the time we left, the place was being flooded by Asians mostly and the dj was finishing his set up, all while spinning some ill shit I like to kick back and listen to.  We picked up and left once he went into Asian club-mode and started spinning some technoey bullshit.  Majority rules, right? 

 Recent beer event.

Shame on me for not posting this sooner.  I had ample time to post this as I came  here in March, but I've been busy with other things or just flat out lazy.  In any event, Spirit House has breweries take over their taps from time to time, so be on the lookout for that sort of thing, as they host a beer function every month.


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