Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tenno Sushi (Los Angeles - Little Tokyo)


Shishito Peppers.

As I've mentioned numerous times before, I loooove shishito peppers.  I see 'em and just gotta have 'em. Tenno's version is pan fried and tosssed in tsuyu sauce (soy, mirin, dashi).  The sauce was a little salty and a little sweet with a good amount of umami from the dashi broth.  The sauce was good but used too generously here.  I could have done with a lot less.  The peppers were on the mild end of the shishito spectrum which was fine, but most of them lost their texture from being cooked too long.  I like shishito peppers, just not limp ones.  


It is what it is.  No further comment.

A portion of the menu.

Tenno Sushi is an ordinary Japanese-American sushi joint so there wasn't much to excite me about dinner, to be honest with you.  There's just something about average sushi, arranged in cutesy caterpillarHello Kitty, panda,...designs that irk the hell outta me.  The kicker, are the goopy mayonnaise-based sauces they flood the rolls with.  Is the seafood so bad, that they have to mask its inherent flavor?  Anyway, on the day we went, they had various items marked 50% off, so there was that to rejoice for me.

Tuna sashimi.

I am more of a purist, opting for little sauce over the sushi or off to the side. My favorite types are sashimi and nigiri.

Ebi (shrimp) nigiri.

Like these lil fellers!  No Muss, No Fuss, No Bother.

Do they even grow avocados in Japan?

This is about as elaborate as I like to go with my rolls.  Even then, this roll had that gloopy mayo stuff that gets on my nerves.

Spicy tuna roll.

I've yet to have a roll or any tuna preparation where the tuna comes spicy like they've advertised.  Not that I'd want my tuna hella spicy, but c'mon, have you ever actually plopped one of these in your mouth and thought to yourself, "Damn, that's some mighty spicy tuna up in there!?"  Exactly.

Baked lobster roll.

I will admit though, on rare occasions, I actually do like these baked things.  But I can only have a few bites before the mayo hits me over the head.  I like mayo, just not in, on, or around my sushi, thank you very much.


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