Thursday, May 9, 2013

38° Alehouse & Grill (Alhambra)


38° - One of my favorite restaurant bars for beer.  The food aint half bad either.

The reason we ended up there was because we encountered this mess across the street.  It was 4.20.13 and Grill Em All made a special burger just for the occassion.  I wanted in on it, but Memo waits for no one -  so we bounced.  

One sip of Noble Ale Works' Naughty Sauce on nitro and I was over not being able to gobble up the one-time chili burger masterpiece at Grill Em All.  This brew is wicked good and definitely plays with your senses.  It smells of espresso and dark chocolate when your mind is expecting citrus notes.  It's a golden stout!  Unique and delicious.  The ibu is relatively low so this one goes down easy.  More coffee than beer, in my opinion but a treat to have if you can find it.

Just another reason I love this place - they carry more than your usual Bruery inventory.

Like this one, Loakal Red -  It's creamy and malty with toffee, caramel, oak and floral hops.  

And since we had planned on eating at Grill Em All, we were hungry and grabbed a few apps.  Their chipotle honey wings were good even though they weren't crunchy like I prefer.  The semi smokey and mildly spiced wings were good regardless.

Another thing I have to order when I see on a menu, aside from shishito peppers, are tempura green beans.  Here, they are served with a ginger ailoi.  They're really good here but even better at Westside Tavern, where they give you twice as many - although sometimes a little oily.

Even though we had a long night of drinking ahead of us, I had to have a taster of my first Pliny the Elder.  It was a solid double IPA and hopefully a precursor to my first elusive Pliny the Younger.

And for my compadre, Yessie...well, he had a bourbon barrel-aged beer but the sob can't remember what it was, soooooo on to the next one...

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