Tuesday, May 7, 2013

George's Greek Cafe (Long Beach - Downtown)


Spicy feta and scordalia dip. 

Both of these dips pack great flavor.  One is mildly spicy while the potato dip is laced with tons of garlic. 

Red vino and hef.

It's been awhile since I've had a wedge of lemon brought out with my hef.  Here's one reason I never squeeze and dump it into my drink;  almost always, these cut-up lemons have been sitting out for a long time, so not only are they not fresh, but they're just sitting in bacteria for a good while.  Also, I tend to favor the lemon/lime thing with beer that needs enhancing.  Otherwise, I drink it, how it's intended to be had.    

Chicken shawarma appetizer.

I didn't like this very much.  The chicken was bland and dry.  The tzatziki was good as usual though - just not good enough to make me wanna order this again. 

Lamb chops.

Either the price of these went up from the last time I dined here, or the chops got smaller - or both!  These are great lamb chops and perfect for someone that has never tried lamb.  The gaminess is subtle with a predominant flavor of grilled meat, smoke, lemon and oregano.  Reminds me of a summer bbq.    

Chicken gyro.

Good sandwich but sometimes they are heavy handed with the red onion and that can take over the dish.  Just be sure to flick some off or order the gyro easy on the onion.  The fries are nothing but filler here but once you run out of pita for the dips (and you will run out of pita), dunk these bad boys in there for an elevated fry experience.


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