Thursday, May 30, 2013

High Rooftop Lounge (Venice)


High (why do I feel like I have your undivided attention all of a sudden) Rooftop Lounge.

It's located inside atop Hotel Erwin.

I made a couple of trips months ago.  Once, in time to watch the sunset (thanks fog)...

...and another time, for a nightcap.

The Hotel is mere steps away from the famous Venice Beach boardwalk and the view is pretty neat from the roof so if you're in the area, it's definitely a place to consider hitting up, at least once.

As you exit the elevator, this is the view that awaits, as you walk the length of the hotel rooftop towards the beach.

But first, make your way to the bar for something to sip while you enjoy the view.

If the weather is warm, they've got you covered with a good amount of cold cocktails.

Like this, Blood Orange Julep.

Or, if it's a titty bit nipply, cozy up with one of these drinks.

I had a Ginger Pear Toddy and it hit the spot.

If you're hungry, they've got some items to nosh on.  We weren't, so we didn't.  And even if we were, I think I'd pass on these and eat downstairs at Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails or go elsewhere.

The lounge is cool and all, worth checking out but not a place for me to revisit often.  It's chill up there with plenty of couches, blankets and heat lamps if you wanna reserve something for you and your special someone, skank, or group.  ;)


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