Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Big Burger (Carson)


Amidst a brewery crawl the other day, we needing some serious sustenance to aid us along.  I quickly perused my bookmarks around the Torrance area and came across The Big Burger - just what the cardiologist ordered!     



I went the healthy route and ordered a double turkey burger.  The patty was surprisingly moist and shockingly un-poultry like.  I didn't even miss the beef.  I could have done without so much damn lettuce though.  Overall, a very good burger. 


Burger portion of the menu.


The double big burger also came out with a grip of lettuce confetti.  I didn't get to try it but my partner in crime seemed to enjoy it.  If I return, I'd like to try this burger in its single patty form, but swap out the green for some bacon, some pastrami, a fried egg and maybe a ladle of chili - because you can do that sort of thing here!    

At least they're not proclaiming themselves to be world famous!

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