Monday, May 6, 2013

The Morrison (Los Angeles - Los Feliz)



Limited but great selection of local beer on tap. 

They have more beer to offer (40 taps) but I always seek the stuff from around here first.

Bruery's Humulus lager - unlike any lager you'll find.  This is the closest thing you'll get to an IPA at The Bruery.


Arnold's Maid - an enjoyably easy-drinking beer cocktail.  This one could prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

I knew there was a reason I wanted to post this before Cinco de Mayo.  Ni modo.

I could have started with a soft scotch egg, but in the end, the poutine-like cheesy fries with fried egg won.

The fries weren't cheesy and the gravy was ladled too lightly for me.  I also thought the sauce was a little "meh" on flavor.  The runny egg yolk almost made up for the rest of the missteps for me.


Sides, smides.  You see sides, I see more small plates to share. ;)

Fried brussels sprouts with bacon - not the best I've had but more than serviceable.  The bacon makes the dish so don't get health conscious now and order it sans bacon.  It won't be the same.    

Applewood - This cocktail didn't deliver like I had hoped. It reminded me of too many average drinks around. It looks a lot better on paper than it tastes when going down. 


A taster of "something" from Taps (not 90 Shilling and I couldn't get an answer from our server) and Smog City's Groundwork Coffee Porter.    

The Reuben Burger - beef patty, corned beef, sauerkraut, gruyere, russian dressing.

This is possibly the best burger I'll have this year!  Too bad it's not on the regular menu.  It's only available this month as part of their burger of the month series, so get it while you can.        

Duck mac & cheese - It was good but if you aren't sharing, I'd pass on this entree.  I grew tired of it, but I still managed to finish my half. ;)

Desserts looked tempting...for another day.  We were stuffed.

Light fixture over our table.

The owner of this restaurant is also behind Stout in Hollywood so it's no wonder that the burger and beer selection more than excelled for me. Other menu items were so-so for me but the burger n craft beer were more than sufficient enough to make me wanna return sooner if not later.     

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