Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uncle Henry's Deli (Downey)


The storefront.

It should read, "Deli, Meats & Craft Beer."

Or if it were up to me, "Uncle Henry's Craft Beer...and stuff."  I kid.

Currently, they have 72 taps with plans already underway to expand to just under 100 in the coming months.  Hands down, this is beer mecca for miles and miles around.  George Gaul is the guy curating their beer selection and man, does he have a selection.  Couple that with his worldly knowledge of all-things-beer and Uncle Henry's is destined to blow the craft beer scene wide open in this devil's triangle, that is southeast LA. 


Bruery's Hottenroth.

Once I saw the impressive draft list, I knew my plan of attack; I had to order as many (within reason) 6 oz tasters during my midday lunch break.  

Petrus Aged Pale.

Deliciously tart with enough malt and age to balance it without losing it's integrity as a subset of a sour.

Oh ya, they have food too.  Double click for a larger image.

I split a sandwich.

Both were good fodder for beer consumption but in terms of deli fare, it was commonplace.  I'll have to try more sandwiches - hot next time - to get a better feel for the food.  Of these sandwiches, I particularly enjoyed the potato salad that was dressed inside.  Yes, inside!  I also liked the huge pickle spear it came with.

Stone's Porter with Vanilla Bean.

A much rounder flavor profile to this porter.  The vanilla was slightly there in aroma and definitely in the finish.

 Mort Subite's Kriek Lambic.

Cherry fruit beer.  'Nuf said.

Different sandwich sizes available.

Buffalo chicken tenders with ranch.

Nothing special here.  Bar food - it is what it is.

Lost Abbey's Deliverance.

A bourbon and brandy barrel aged stout.  

Port Brewing's Old Viscosity.

A barrel aged American double/Imperial stout.

More deets.

These guys need a pr/online media guy.  Their online presence is paltry.

Liefman's Goudenband.

Light and semi-tangy.  Refreshing, despite its copper hue.

Avery's Revernd - A quadruple ale.

A look at the menu with corresponding prices.  

Again, the food is relatively meek in flavor and preparation but it's fine for helping you soak in glass after glass of suds.  Bravo!  I'm a fan.

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