Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tacos La Güera (Walnut Park)


Tacos La Güera (Santa Fe Ave./Center St.)

Your meat options.

A mess of tacos. 

I ordered various tacos but most meats were indiscernible to me from being semi intoxicated.  Factor in, several sauces ladled onto them, lime squeezed over a few, with a sprinkling of pickled onions and cilantro here and there, and this was simply a matter of giving my body something to help soak in the booze before hitting the road, as opposed to really trying to dissect the tacos to determine if any were special or worth having again.    

From my recollection, compared to other times I've been in a similar condition, these weren't as enjoyable as my go-to taco spot, La Reyna.  The only taco that stood out to me from the fray, was the suadero (brisket).  It had crispy bits along with more succulent pieces of meat.  Overall, these tacos were ordinary with a so-so salsa/condiment bar.  But the suadero, is worth a repeat visit.            

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