Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chocolate Maya (Santa Barbara)



Although the chocolates looked tempting as hell, my mind was set on a beverage.

"The sacrifice" fit the bill.

It was only thee best double-shot of hot chocolate I've ever had.  It was absolutely decadent.  

Honestly, at first, I kinda felt ripped off.  I expected a large mug of really good hot chocolate.  One sip, though, and I was eating crow.  Sure, I would have gladly accepted a larger dose of this elixir but damn, this was one rich mutha.  I loved it.  Thick, creamy and full chocolate-flavor with a good spicy heat in the finish.  I need to find a place close to home where I can get something similar.  I'm hooked!

Some of the decor.

A look into their kitchen.

I can't say I agree, or disagree with this for that matter.  Now, alcohol, on the other hand...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lilly's Taqueria (Santa Barbara)


The taqueria with most acclaim that I've ever been to.

I hear lines are usually long, but on a mid Monday afternoon, the wait was minimal.

The goods.


The tacos run you a couple of quarters more per taco than your average tacos.  But these aren't your average tacos.  Trust me.


I did say these weren't your average tacos, right?


I didn't find their salsa bar to be as superb as their tacos.  But with the tacos they slang here, it doesn't need to be.  The tacos stand tall all on their own.

Like I said, the day we went and at the time we went, getting some tasty grub and a table were easy to come by.  Sure enough, by the time we were picking ourselves up to leave, people were starting to trickle in.  

I was very pleased with the food we ate here.  Often times, hyped up places, fall waaay short of my expectations.  I can think of a boatload of places that are famous for being famous and little chops to back up the food.  A certain hot dog stand and dip-sandwich restaurant come to mind, just to [not] name a few.  I'm not gonna say this is a must-go-to-place if you are ever in Santa Barbara, but it's certainly a can't miss meal, in terms of quality and preparation.  I found the tacos to be hearty, succulent and comforting.  Most tacos that I enjoy in and around town, I crave after a long night of drinking and only then do they taste great.  Sober, they're par for the course.  These tacos, would taste great before, during and after a drinking binge.  My favorites were the Asada, Labio, Veggie, Cabeza and Cacheta.