Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chocolate Maya (Santa Barbara)



Although the chocolates looked tempting as hell, my mind was set on a beverage.

"The sacrifice" fit the bill.

It was only thee best double-shot of hot chocolate I've ever had.  It was absolutely decadent.  

Honestly, at first, I kinda felt ripped off.  I expected a large mug of really good hot chocolate.  One sip, though, and I was eating crow.  Sure, I would have gladly accepted a larger dose of this elixir but damn, this was one rich mutha.  I loved it.  Thick, creamy and full chocolate-flavor with a good spicy heat in the finish.  I need to find a place close to home where I can get something similar.  I'm hooked!

Some of the decor.

A look into their kitchen.

I can't say I agree, or disagree with this for that matter.  Now, alcohol, on the other hand...

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