Monday, September 30, 2013

San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill (San Simeon)


The "Hotel" restaurant we dined in before heading out up the coast the following morning.

We had hoped to get in a game of pool, but as luck would have it, it seemed like the only 2 persons in this small town were here...playing.  Grrr!

The Beer Menu reminded me of the menus at restaurants and bars in and around Los Angeles circa '90's and early 00's .  Domestic vs import.  Blaahh!  How far we've come...and are still going!  Exciting times!

We ended up grabbing a Blue Moon and Firestone DBA.  Again, the look of the beer reminded me of old times.  No head, no life and that orange wedge!  Sorry, Tany.  I know you enjoy your hef with a wedge of lemon or orange but I prefer it without.  However, I agree with you, in that, if I request orange or lemon to accompany my drink, I'd expect no qualms about it.  I just don't think it should be "garnished" with it to begin with, unless you're trying to mask an off-flavor.  But who am I to say??            Signed, Memo the beer junkie.

We ordered an appetizer of fried artichoke hearts to share despite my objection reluctance to get it.  As I expected, they tasted like old, pre-packaged, overly breaded artichoke hearts.  Probably because they were.  No bueno.

Entree-wise, we played it safe and ordered a pepperoni and bell pepper pizza.  The crust, sauce and pepperoni were good but the scant slivers of bell pepper that topped the pizza were bad.  The bell peppers almost had the texture of cooked nopales.  Good thing they didn't top our pizza with more of them!

Boy, am I glad I live in a big city.  Never again. 

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