Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bruery's Tart of Darkness (2013)


I love dark stuff and sour stuff.  So what happens when both worlds collide??  Tart of Darkness, that's what!

Stout meets sour. 

I've had a coffee ipa but never a coffee sour.  I was skeptical before and I was skeptical again when I tried this coffee beauty.  I was enlightened both times.  It works!  To wrap your head around this beer, don't think, sour stout, think stout sour.  What I mean to say is, Tart of Darkness has more in common with a sour than a stout.  So think of it in those terms.  The chocolate and coffee aspect in this beer are subtle in the nose and more prevalent in the finish.  But through and through, this is a sour and a unique one at that.  It's dry, well-carbonated and has a thin mouth-feel.  Again, much like a sour and not a stout.  This 750ml bottle usually sells for $25 but you can get it at Uncle Henry's Deli, for the same price that the Bruery sells it for on their premises.($20)  Highly recommended!


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