Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loteria Grill (Santa Monica)



Tamarindo Margarita.

Skip the cocktails and grab some micheladas.  

They're tastier and cheaper.

Michelada Oscura with Indio cerveza.  

If you want a more beer-centric beverage, order it made with a darker beer. 

Chips with Guacamole and smokey salsa.  

It's not the best guac or salsa but it is also far from the worst.  It's also overpriced so I wouldn't order it again.

 Chiles Rellenos - Ancho chile, filled with black beans, goat cheese and chorizo; Chile Poblano, stuffed with plantain, queso fresco and picadillo.  Served with white rice and stewed champiñones.

A filling plate of food but kinda bland for Mexican.  The stuffed Ancho chile was the best thing I ate here though.

 Caipirinha - muddled lime, simple syrup and cachaca.

Enchiladas de pipian served with rice and black beans.  

 Michelada Clasica made with Sol lager.  

If you want a undetectable brew and prefer the tomato-ie, spicy goodness of a michelada, opt for a lighter chela.

My meal here was okay, but nothing more sadly.  I had higher hopes based on my breakfast at their Farmer's Market location.  It's all good though.  I'd gladly return for some chilaquiles.  #CantWinThemAll


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