Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tacos Punta Cabras (Santa Monica)


A new favorite seafood joint of mine.

The have a small menu and a daily special that changes every now and then.

They have mezcal too!  But no liquor license.  #Wtf

When I first heard about this place, there was one dish I really wanted to try - The Cauliflower Tostada.  Yup, a raw, shaved, marinated cauliflower tostada.  And guess what?  It worked!  Here, the veggie acted much like tofu in that it  served as a blank canvas for the citrus marinade.  All the while, retaining a crunchy texture and holding on ever so slightly to its inherent flavor, this tostada was a winner in my book.  However, for an extra $1, order a...

...Seafood Tostada.  It's the better value of the two and the seafood is really fresh.  As much as I liked their Tostada Mixta (scallop & shrimp), my favorite was their special of the day.

 This day, their special was a mixta tostada as the base with added octopus, cucumber, and special sauce.  On the side, a habanero pineapple puree.  Dope!

 Speaking of sauces, they have some vinegar based ones you can help yourself to.  

  The only dish I wouldn't recommend is their coctel.  It wasn't bad.  It just paled in comparison and there are dozens of places around town that make better ones.  I thought theirs was pedestrian.

 What wasn't pedestrian, however, were their tacos.  Particularly so, their shrimp tacos.  On a freshly made hand-made tortilla, no less!

 Almost as good, their fish tacos.  But seriously get the shrimp taco and tostada mixta or special of the day.  Start there, by all means.  I highly recommend this place.   

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