Thursday, October 17, 2013

Telegraph's Stock Porter


Telegraph Brewing Co - An instant favorite brewery of mine only because they make a beer that I love! 

And while their stock porter isn't the beer I speak of (Reserve Wheat is!) , it's a goods example of "session beer," in my book.  It's not overly anything!  Not too hoppy, not too malty, not boozy or really light.  Just right to knock down several glasses without getting [too] trashed.

For a porter, it's actually light and carbonated a bit much.  But that's Telegraph's signature on it.  It is a Belgian porter after all!  You'll definitely get the yeast in aroma but all else is signature porter - dark chocolate, vanilla, coffee and dark fruit.  A perfect porter for unseasonably warm weather or a primer for cold months ahead  Worth a try!

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