Monday, March 24, 2014

Absolution Brewing Co. (Torrance)


The newest brewery on the [Torrance] block.  Also, known as ABC.

If you've ever been to Valiant Brewing in Anaheim, it's almost as confusing to get to.  Luckily this industrial building has a series of signs leading around a short maze of similar complexes to help you reach your destination.  If you're gonna do a South Bay Beer crawl, I highly suggest you start here and then make your way to Smog City, Monkish and Strand...ending in El Segundo, naturally.

ABC opened less than a month ago so their hours of operation might change in the foreseeable future.  Sucky thing is, they pretty much have to close their doors to the public at 9, as the city doesn't want them to operate as a bar.  Booooo!!!! 

My craft-beer-convert, Lilly and I went over the weekend to see what was good.  For starters, the gentlemen that work there are very hospitable.  It's a small operation, so if you go, expect to be greeted by owners and brewers alike. 

Not only will you be greeted with a warm smile and welcoming handshake, you'll also be given tasting notes for the beer(s) you end up ordering.  As they grow and lines start to extend out the door, who knows if they will be as willing to shoot-the-shit with you.  But for the time being, they are doing their part to ensure you won't be a one-time patron.  I commend and applaud their service.  

Now, beer-wise, nothing underwhelmed much and their were some standouts.

Lilly and I shared a flight of 6 and both declared their Hef and Belgian Ale the clear winners.  The Purgatory Hef with locally grown organic strawberries was especially good, in my book.  Kinda reminded me of the whole champagne 'n strawberry bit - but better!  

Their stout reminded me a lot of Telegraph's Stock Porter so if you're familiar with that brew and liked it, you'll find this equally as good.  I liked their Possessed Porter too but to a lesser degree.  It was on Nitro so the flavor was subdued.  I like the variations to come though. I mean, toasted coconut, black cherries, roasted pecans, chai spices, pumpkin, peanuts...tell me that doesn't sound tasty!?

The only beer I did not taste was L'il Angel - their session IPA.  But from the IPAs I did try, I preferred their Cardinal Sin Red IPA.  It's a balanced IPA so for hop-heads, you're better off trying their Fallen Angel.  But even that IPA isn't hop-forward. So, be forewarned.  

The last things we tried were non-alcoholic.  Consider these offerings gateway beverages for lil tikes. #ISeeWhatYouDidThere While I found their cream soda lacking in flavor, the root beer, was high caliber - and I don't even care for the stuff, so that's saying something!

I was impressed for a brewery barely coming out of the blocks.  Their beer was good to say the least with room for even more refinement.  These guys have a high ceiling, as far as I'm concerned.  So, next time you're in the neighborhood definitively swing by to check out these up-n-comers.

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