Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colonia Taco Lounge (La Puente)


The menu on the 1st Friday of Lent, 2014.

Beer and wine.  I love that they are delving into the world of craft beer.

Michelada - a little diluted for my liking.  The use of a more flavorful beer would be in order here since you are building the flavors over ice.  Makes sense, que no?

Cocktails - more on this another day.  But for now, don't order the Oaxaca Calling.  Nothing about it speaks of Oaxaca.  #Trust!

Congregation IPA.  Or was it??  The beer was decent but for an IPA, it had very little redeeming value.  I'm 99.9% certain the IPA I ordered, was not the beer I received.  1)  The color was too dark for an IPA. 2)  This was the first time I've had an IPA served in this type of glass and 3) the hops were muted like I've never tasted before in an IPA.  Again, if this was an IPA, it sucked.  For another style of beer, it was okay.  I'll have to try this beer again somewhere else.  I'm convinced this wasn't a Congregation Alehouse beer. #IGot5OnIt!

Avocado Crunchy Taco - Good flavor from the sauce but I didn't really like the hard shell.  It reminded me of those hard shells we used to buy to make quick "hamburger tacos" as youngins.  And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!  We've all been there. :)

Huitlacoche Taco - Most people would say corn smut is an acquired taste. I disagree.  If you closed your eyes, I'd say Huitlacoche tastes like really earthy stewed mushrooms - almost like escargot - ALMOST!.  If anything, I think the color is what turns most people off.  Me, I enjoy the flavor and color alike.  Something about eating black food...just not the black teeth part so much.  Anyway, this was my 2nd favorite vegetarian taco.

The gold medal belonged to this cauliflower taco with sweet corn.  Lilly and I liked it so much we ordered another one and attempted to recreate it a week later at home.  This taco came on a homemade flour tortilla which was damn tasty as well.

Chayote Taco - Whether you remember it or not, we've all had this as a side or taco when we were young.  It's probably one of the most comforting tacos for me because it reminds me of stuff my mom used to make for us when she was healthy enough to stand up on her own two feet before eventually succumbing to a debilitating disease.  #FuckYouLupus!

The best looking taco was also the worst tasting taco which also happened to be the most expensive taco and the Chefs special to boot!  It had a whole lot going for it - none of which either of us cared for.  The pineapple salsa tasted like something that had been sitting at a salsa bar for day.  The salmon, on the other hand, was overcooked and had very little flavor.  Not worth the money or time.  #StayAway

Potato Tacos - These otherwise ordinary (but tasty) tacos were dressed up more than I'm accustomed to with mixed greens, queso fresco and avocado crema.  Not bad.

Papa y Rajas - Another satisfying taco with loads of flavor. 

I did say I ordered 2 of these Cauliflower tacos, right?  #NoLie!

Buñuelos with canela and allspice dipping sauce.


Desserts were okay but the stars were truly the tacos.  Not all hit the mark for me but a few really stood out in my mind.  Enough to warrant coming back for sure.  For those of you observing meat-free Fridays or are simply vegetarians, you have plenty of options to choose from to put together a solid meal.  I highly recommend this place especially if you decide to order from anything on the menu.  Options are definitely o' plenty.

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