Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lips Of Faith - Yuzu Imperial Berliner Weisse (New Belgium Brewing Co.)


So you like to drink hefs, do ya?  You don't like the hoppiness from all the IPAs out there these days and dark beers aren't exactly your idea of beer.  So, what are you to do when hefs become a little monotonous??    

I say, reach out for a Berliner Weisse.  Basically, a sour wheat beer or sour hef, if you will.  Some of these beers can be more than your taste buds bargain for, but I found this little number a perfect thirst quencher without tasting warhead-like.   

Next time you see a bottle from New Belgium's Lips of Faith Series, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple.  Depending on which bottle you choose, you might not get blown away by them, but they'll certainly be worth looking into.  At worst, you'll think they are good.  At best, you might just look into the style a little deeper, look for similar beers and expand your knowledge.  Ultimately, ditching hefs for good.  Congratulations!  You're on your way to becoming a beer snob geek!  Kidding aside, beers such as Yuzu are good entry-way beers to delve into the world of craft beer. And for the record, I got nothing against Hefs, especially smoked ones or wheat beers aged in Añejo Tequila Barrels.  But more on that later. ;)     

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