Monday, March 10, 2014

Mariscos El Hermano (Vernon)


Baja Style Fish Taco.

But since it's the only kind of fish taco sold here, there really is no need to ask for a specific style of taco.  They're good by the way but I've had better and I'm not particularly fond of the fish they use.  Tilapia?

 What's always good here are their Tacos Dorados de Camaron.  They're not my favorite (Mariscos Jalisco owns that title) but they are really good.

 The same can be said for their Tostada Mixta.

 It's a heaping mound of seafood topped over of a single tostada.  They usually give you 2 extras and a fork to make something more manageable to eat.  

Drizzle some hot sauce on top and squeeze a bit of lime over them.  Only thing missing now is a cold cerveza.  Salud!

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