Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Hermosillo (Highland Park)


The signage you'd expect outside, not inside.  I'm actually glad they kept the paisa look on the exterior.  

Craft Beer menu on 3/1/14

Craftstman Not Shiny or New and New Belgium's Snapshot.  

It had just rained cats and dogs for a couple of days straight and the night was chilly, yet for whatever reason Lilly decided to order the especially citrusy hef.  It was good and even for, lemon/orange slice/wedge peeps, I'd recommend it sans fruit.  My beer on the other hand, was chock full of flavor with subdued hop bitterness due to the barrel aging.  It was pretty steep ($8) for a scant 8 ounce pour, but it was definitely worth trying and merits a re-visit some day.

Not worth getting, despite their popularity, are the pork belly tacos. 

Why pay $8 for 3 medium sized mediocre tacos when you can get better/bigger ones on the street from so many vendors.  The ingredients were okay but the tortilla sucked.  A thick flour tortilla is not the business.  I also could have used some salsa to spice them up.  Skip em!


Mac N Cheese Balls, that is.  

I had hoped for oozing cheese from these nuggets but that was not the case.  They were so-so but needed a sauce in my opinion.  Pass on these too.  Bring back the Fritos pie, guys!  Til then, just drink up!

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