Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Marketplace Grill & Cafe (Downey)



I was surprised they actually had this in their arsenal.  Sadly, It must have been sitting around for quite some time as the hops were virtually non-existent - even for an east coast IPA.  And what's with bringing me a bottle of craft beer and no glass to pour it into or at least asking if I'd like one.  #smh #beersnob :)

On this uneventful night, I craved something on the healthful side of things.  I really enjoy tuna in its various forms and it's not often I eat it these days, so this Greek tuna salad seemed to fit the bill for what my body was hankering for.  It was good but nothing beyond that.  One qualm would be the un-pitted olives. Talk about a no-no.  It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.  C'mon now!

Between my lifelong dining partner and I, we decided to share a plate of potatoes with feta.  Meh.  The potatoes were lukewarm and barely seasoned.  The feta it was topped with was weak as well.  It seemed to have been a blend with ricotta or other mild cheese.  Weak.

The wifey ordered some chicken gyro that came with more of those pseudo Shakey's mojos and a small side salad.  Again, seasoning was an issue throughout the dish and the gyro was only slightly warmed through.  Not very appetizing at all.  Easily the worst "Greek" inspired food I've had.   

We had been wanting to come here check this place out for a long while now.  It's evident now why neither of us jumped at the opportunity even given the chance at dining courtesy of website deals.  it's simply not worth checking out.  Overrated. 


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