Friday, April 4, 2014

B. Nektar's Necromangocon Honey wine


"WTF?!"  That was my first thought when I came across this...this...this thing.

I thought it was some sort of beer genre I had never heard or the official name to a fruit/vegetable beer (yes, they do exist).  As it turns out, this stuff is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to mankind.  Who knew?! Certainly, not me.  Basically, it's honey + water via yeast fermentation.

Anyway, this honey wine otherwise knows as Mead was flavored with mango and black pepper.  The beverage was nowhere near as ferocious as the label would lead you to believe.  It had almost no head and minimal carbonation.  The nose was tropical, the flavor sweet with slight heat from the pepper in the finish.  It's definitely interesting and worth trying at least once but I can see ti being cloyingly sweet for some - myself included.  A small bottle is perfect to share with a couple of peeps.  I wouldn't suggest a bottle to yourself.  I'd get tired of it.  Think "dessert wine," is the best approximation I can make for this...this...this thing.    

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