Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lucky Penny (Santa Barbara)


Pizza!  Easily one of my favorite foods as I've come to realize lately.

On my most recent drive out of the immediate LA/OC vicinity, Lilly and I did our due diligence to find some tasty grub in Santa Barbara.  Lucky Penny was on both of our radars - especially since they deliver a few storefronts down to Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co - a place we I wanted to check out.  

 Now, as it turned out, there was no table available to accommodate us at the brewery so we gladly ate at the restaurant.  

 Seating is limited and only available at communal tables outside so consider that if you ever want to check this place out.  

 The weather was nice and all so we didn't mind the outdoor setup one bit.  I ordered an iced coffee and Lilly had Fentiman's Cherry Tree Cola.  The coffee was as I had hoped.  No frills, unsweetened, coffee goodness.  You can always sweeten it yourself at their condiment station so for those of you who expect sweet coffee, be forewarned; you'll have to sweeten it yourself.

I also ordered a small cup of Mc'Connell's strawberry ice cream and found it underwhelming.  This stuff is supposed to be exceptionally good but I found it middle of the road, truthfully.  I'm still looking for something to rival my personal favorite, Carmela Ice Cream, but all these highly touted ice cream parlors pale in comparison.   

But never mind that.  We were here for pizza.  We both narrowed our choices to Breakfast on Milpas (pizza topped with fingerling potatoes, Mexican chorizo, sunny side up egg, spicy tomatillo marinara, cotija and cilantro) and Ode to Don Russo.  The oven roasted tomatoes, pork & fennel sausage, calabrian chile, smoked mozzarella with arugula pizza won on this visit (Oh, we'll be back!) and it did not disappoint.

The crust had a good char on it, perfectly crisp on the exterior yet chewy while the toppings were loaded with flavor.  The sauce was a little spicy and slightly tart yet sweet from the oven roasted tomatoes.  It would be hard not to order this again yet I intend to on my next visit. This place was a great find. Kudos to us for agreeing on eating at this restaurant. 


  1. a very delicious and beautiful place to eat. I had seen dozens of pizzas going to the brewery so had assumed they just had the pizza on the menu at Figueroa Mountain and then carried it over

  2. Yeah, Daniel. Very good pizza and a nice little patio as well. Initially, we were gonna order a pizza to have delivered to Figueroa Mountain but the tables were all full and there was nothing available at the bar so we just ate over there. I'm glad we did. :)