Saturday, April 19, 2014

Me Gusta: Mexican Food Store Specialties @ Downey Farmer's Market (Downey)


Uchepo (corn tamal) and tamal de queso con Anaheim chile.

From a little stand at the Farmer's Market in Downey.  These guys pop up city-wide if and when they host a farmer's market.  So, look out for them.  It's a pretty good option if you want some enormous yet tasty tamales.

These muthas go for $3 a pop but are big enough to satiate most people's appetites.

From the ones we got to try, I preferred the flavor of the sweet corn tamal.  I found the masa a little dense and slightly dry though.  
The raja-con-queso tamal variant had a much lighter dough.  What I missed though was the heat from the rajas.  The Anaheims they used were too mild in heat and flavor for me.  The salsas didn't help much either, unfortunately.  Both, the green and red salsas were way to watery.  All in all though, worth having again.  Pork in green sauce and beef with red sauce next time!

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