Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bacaro LA (Los Angeles - University Park)


Brunch at Bacaro is almost justifiable by their $1.50 cocktails.  Purchase of an entree is required, however.


The deets on the cocktail discount and other beverages.

Blood Mary - Ask for it spicy and they'll make it with Absolut Peppar, free of charge.  Even then, it's not very spicy.  It was my favorite of the brunch drinks.

About those entrees...


Lilly ordered a Croque Madame that came with a side of crisp well-seasoned home fries and a dainty but flavorful mixed greens salad.  No knock on the sandwich but I actually liked the sides better.

Strawberry Bellini - Also a drink I'd revisit.  This was my 2nd favorite drink we got to try.

My french toast with maple syrup and fresh fruit made for a good brunch dish.  Typically, I find French toast to be overly sweet in most restaurants and border on being a dessert dish but this one was just right.

Sangria - one sparkling, one regular.  Neither stood out.  I'd take the "still" one only because the sparkling wine detracted from the flavor of the red wine.

Beer!  I swear [give or take 2 or 3 beers], this has been the same menu since we started coming here many years ago.  

Although we were plenty full, I just had to try another dish.  It had to be a small one, which is what they specialize in for dinner service.

Goat Cheese Polenta.  Ehh.

 While brunch was enjoyable, I still prefer this place for dinner by leaps and bounds. And if they ever bring back "Beefsteak Sunday" where $25 a person gets you ALL YOU CAN EAT grilled hanger steak, bread 'n butter and roasted market potatoes with ALL YOU CAN DRINK red wine and beer...well I'd be all over that too. 

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